Kelly Park started her journey in the entertainment industry in Philadelphia, PA, where she grew up. After graduating from Temple University with a BA in Theatre Arts, she began working as a freelance acting instructor for kids at local theaters and after school programs. While trying to pursue her own dreams of being an actor, she developed original material and taught the basics of acting, improv and sketch comedy to kids and young adults. After many successes in the teaching field as well as local booking local acting gigs (commercials, etc.), Kelly decided it was the right time to move to Los Angeles.


By this time, she was married and had a young, aspiring actor in the making. While working at the world famous Hollywood Improv, Kelly discovered that her young daughter, 6, was a natural stand-up comedian! She coached her and helped her develop a 3 minute set that she would perform in front of a live audience. Thus, "Syd The Kid" was born! As nature would have it, Sydney became a working actor. She got her start on the hit show Disney show, "That's So Raven". Soon to follow were "America's Got Talent", "Hannah Montana", "CSI:NY" and other numerous Guest starring roles. Sydney is now on Nick at Nite's hit sitcom, "Instant Mom", starring Tia Mowry. You can also catch her on at Nickelodeon's Awesomeness TV.

Sydney Park - Actress

Series Regular

"Instant Mom" on Nick at Nite


SPORK                              Comedy          Mrs. Roll           Featured        JB Ghuman              11:11 Productions

Kimchee &                       Comedy          Amanda            Lead                M. White                  Fried Rice Films


Pink                                   Comedy          Mrs. Clara         Lead               M. White                  Fried Rice Films

Smoke &                           Drama            Police Officer   Featured        M. White                   Fried Rice Films


Girl Where's My Car?      Dramedy        Carmen             Lead               Mateo Martinez      Mateo Martinez Prod.

Kelly Park has coached numerous rising stars over the years and continues to. She credits her many opportunities and successes to her daughter (and rising star), Sydney Park.  


Kelly is currently an independent Acting Coach for Nickelodeon and Disney. Kelly is now offering a program for youth, ages 12 to 16. Her teaching philosophy is simple:


"If you give kids a comfortable, fun, safe environment to learn and explore all their creative possibilities, they will thrive!"

Noah Urrea - Actor

Lead for a Nickelodeon pilot, "Twang!" and makes his film debut in

Madea's Family Christmas!


Prank My Mom                  Comedy     Improv Lead (Recurring)     Peter Cohen             Lifetime Television

Reality Hell                         Comedy     Improv Lead (Recurring)      Peter Cohen            E! Network

How To Look Good           Drama                                                        Becky Newman       Lifetime Television


Hell Date                             Comedy     Improv Lead (Recurring)     Peter Cohen            BET

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